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2009/03/26 谷本 俊郎 UCSB アポロのデータの再解釈と月の表面環境:どうして月への移住は避けるべきか
2009/02/17 Isaac. A. Hilburn California Institute of Technology Magnetostratigraphy of the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary,Kennecott Point, Canada
2009/02/16 Tracy M. Quan
Linda Godfrey
Rutgers Univ Investigating the Redox Control of Nitrogen Cycling: Case Studies from Past and Present Systems
Can Changes in the Nitrogen Cycle Indicate the Initiation of Oxygen Production in the Late Archean?
2008/04/07 Paul G. Falkowski Rutgers Univ. The Evolution of Biogeochemical Cycles on Earth
2006/09/04 Grzegorz Racki Department of Earth Sciences, Silesian University Late Devonian global events: Key questions and comparison with Late Permian ecosystem changes
2006/04/18 B. Holtzman LDEO Creeping towards an observational view of plate boundary dynamics, coupling to rheology and seismic anisotorophy in partially molten upper mantle
2005/05/17 李 勇 長安大 The Biota of Sinian to Early Cambrian from the South China
2003/10/14 孟 自芳 中国蘭州地質研究所 -
2002/11/22 Yao Peiyi
Ji Zhangsheng
Geology Institute, Chinese Academy of Geological Science A record of Permian tectonic event on North Qinghai-Tibet plateau
2002/11/22 Yao Jianxin Geology Instiyute, Chinese Academy of Geological Science Late Permian and Early Triassic conodont biofacies in South China and Japan
2002/03/05 Brian Windley Leicester University, UK Ophiolites, oceanic crust and accretionary orogens through geological time
2001/04/03 Joe Kirschvink California Institute of Technology The Paleoproterozoic Snowball Earth: The Kalahari Mn Field, Oxygen, and Evolution
2000/11/24 Joe Kirschvink California Institute of Technology Paleoproterozoic Snowball Earth Magnetobacteria in martian meteorite
2000/03/30 David Bottjer Univ. Southern California The Early Triassic ichnofacies with respect to the aftermath of the Permo-Triassic boundary mass extinction
1999/10/05 Samantha Joye Univ. Georgia Environmental impact of nitrogen fixation and N-cycle in coastal estuaries on the East Coast of North America

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